Enhance and Maintain Your Softglass Water Pipes: Exploring Replacement Parts

When you invest in a high-quality water pipe like Softglass, you want to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. That's why Softglass offers a range of replacement parts and accessories to enhance, customize, and maintain your water pipes. In this blog post, we'll explore the world of Softglass replacement parts and accessories, including the highly popular Totem Glass Top, Totem Downstem 2 Pack, and Totem Bowl 2 Pack, so you can keep enjoying your Softglass water pipes for years to come.

Softglass understands that accidents happen, and parts wear out over time. That's why they provide a comprehensive selection of replacement parts for your water pipes. From glass bowls and downstems to silicone bases and mouthpieces, finding the right replacement part for your Softglass water pipe is quick and easy. You can keep your water pipe performing at its best without having to replace the entire piece.

1. Totem Glass Top: Choose your style

  • One noteworthy replacement part offered by Softglass is the Totem Glass Top. This exquisite glass top adds a touch of elegance to your water pipe, enhancing its visual appeal and functionality. With its intricate design and vibrant colors (coming soon), the Totem Glass Top is a popular choice among Softglass enthusiasts who want to personalize their water pipes.

2. Totem Downstem 2 Pack: You can never have enough

  • The Totem Downstem 2 Pack is a sought-after accessory for Softglass water pipe owners. These downstems are crafted with precision and optimized airflow, resulting in smoother hits and improved filtration. With two downstems included in the pack, you will always have a spare!

3. Totem Bowl 2 Pack: Two is always better than one

  • The Essential Totem Bowl 2 Pack Softglass offers the Totem Bowl 2 Pack as an essential accessory for your water pipes. These bowls are designed for durability and functionality, ensuring you can enjoy your smoking sessions without worry! 

Customization, replacement parts, and accessories are all part of the Softglass experience. Take advantage of the available options, including the Totem Glass Top, Totem Downstem 2 Pack, and Totem Bowl 2 Pack, to enhance, customize, and maintain your Softglass water pipes. With their dedication to quality and functionality, Softglass provides everything you need to keep enjoying your water pipes for years to come.

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